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Why Are Knitting Needles So Expensive?

Like any hobby, knitting can cost you a lot of money, but it could also be affordable if you’re thoughtful about how you source materials. 

Knitting needles don’t have to be expensive, but if you’re someone who enjoys varied knitting projects, it could be worth spending some money on the right needles that are made with good quality materials. Your choice in material and your experience level will determine which knitting needles you might need, so having a few pairs could be worth it. 

Another point to consider is that just because a pair of knitting needles come at a high price point, it doesn’t necessarily speak to their quality. 

Why Are Knitting Needles So Expensive?

Knitting needles can be expensive if they are sold by an established brand or are made with high quality materials. Material and design can play a role in the cost of knitting needles, but it’s important to remember that high cost doesn’t always mean you’re getting the best of the best. 

It’s not difficult to find yourself a pair of trustworthy knitting needles that’ll work with all kinds of yarns. You don’t need to have a large collection of knitting needles when you’re just getting started, either. 

Sometimes you’re able to find knitting kits that come with needles in a few sizes or materials. They can be a great investment, but consider shopping around for sales before you commit to a big set. Lots of craft stores and general sites or stores like Amazon and Walmart are great places to look, especially if you’re a knitter on a budget. 

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How Much Do Knitting Needles Cost?

You can find knitting needles in a fairly wide price range. Typically, a pair can cost you anywhere between $5 to $30. You can find knitting needles that come in at even higher price points, but this isn’t necessarily because they are the best; it could be because of branding or high grade material that is chosen for aesthetics over practicality. 

Do Knitting Needles Go On Sale At Hobby Lobby?

Knitting needles go on sale pretty frequently at Hobby Lobby, so you can plan ahead should you need to invest in some different needles. At least once a month, knitting needles and other knitting supplies will be sold at 30% off the regular price. 

The popular arts and craft store usually has a very good selection of knitting needles so it’s worth taking a look when the promotion is on. You can also find great deals on yarn and other accouterments to slowly but surely build up your knitting supply kit. Be on the lookout for needle sets as well if you’re looking to have a few sets on hand. 

What Material Makes The Best Knitting Needles?

Bamboo and metal tend to be favored for the best knitting needles. These materials are durable, relatively inexpensive, and can last you for a very long time if you care for them well. Bamboo in particular is a favorite amongst many who are just starting to learn how to knit since they are lightweight with a solid grip. 

Metal or stainless steel knitting needles are more traditional when it comes to knitting needles. You can find metal needles at a varied price point depending on the type of metal used to form them. Metal needles also last a really long time and are usually preferred by more experienced knitters. 

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You can also find plastic or acrylic knitting needles, and these tend to come at a more affordable price point. Knitting needles can also be found made of various types of wood. If you don’t mind investing in some strong knitting needles, carbon fiber needles are known for their very long lifespan. 

Are Bamboo Or Metal Knitting Needles Better?

Both bamboo and metal knitting needles are fantastic choices when you find a good pair that you’re comfortable using. Both types of needles have their pros and cons. Your choice is also going to depend on the particular type of knitting you like to do, as different techniques are easier to do with certain types of needles. 

Bamboo knitting needles are a good choice regardless of what kind of experience you have with knitting. They tend to be easy to use because they aren’t super heavy so you’re able to maintain great control over your pattern. Bamboo is also easy to keep clean and soft on the fingers, and is easy to use for different types of knitting. 

Metal needles are common amongst knitters who are more comfortable with the craft, and aren’t usually recommended for beginners. They do typically cost a little bit more than bamboo needles, but they will likely last you a lot longer. You can find a wide range of needles made out of metal, and they are versatile in the types of knitting projects you can accomplish with them. 

What Needles Do Professional Knitters Use?

Professional knitters all have their own preferences for needles based on trial and error as well as experience. Most professional knitters will also have a collection of different needles based on the yarns or fabrics they are working with. As mentioned, needles made with metal are a little bit tougher to handle but are the more traditional choice. 

Some professional knitters prefer to use these Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles.

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There’s been some innovation in knitting supplies when it comes to needles. There are also luxury sets that some professional knitters might invest in for aesthetic or decorative purposes. It’s best to do some research for the kind of knitting you want to do before you buy needles based on what professionals use. 

Final Thoughts 

Knitting needles aren’t always very expensive, but they can be. Like most crafting supplies, you can splurge on luxurious options or choose to pay a little bit more for needles that come with solid reviews and are known to last. 

When you’re just starting your knitting journey, you can start with a couple types of knitting needles that are a little bit less expensive while you’re learning what works best for you and what type of needles you like to work with. 

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